Pokemon Go

Pokémon GO: PRML

Did you know, Peace River Municipal Library is a PokéStop?  Free community access and free WiFi make libraries perfect locations for safe play and socializing. While catching Pokémons at the Library, take time to explore what else the Library can offer!
There have been reports in the media about potential dangers of playing Pokémon GO. Certainly, there are risks involved with any type of mobile game. Be proactive—this can be an opportunity for parents/caregivers to educate their child about internet safety, using technology, and common sense.


  1. Internet Safety by Lisa M Herrington (Ages: 6-12)
  2. Safety in Your Neighbourhood by Lucia Raatma (Ages: 6-12)
  3. Stranger Safety by Lisa M Herrington (Ages: 6-12)
  4. Safety in Public Places by Lucia Raatma (Ages: 6-12)

Some safety tips:
Map it out: A Pokémon can pop up on a private property or in dangerous locations. Discuss boundaries and restricted areas before your child set out to play, especially if they will be playing without you. By clicking on their individual Pokémon characters’ stats within the app, you can review where your child has ventured to capture a Pokémon.
Keep in touch: Check in with your child frequently to monitor where and how your child is playing. Remember, Pokémon GO can consume a lot of battery power so ensure your child leaves home with a charger or power bank. If they’re near the Library, it’s a great spot to charge devices (We don’t mind!) and browse the space.
Privacy: Before downloading the app, it is useful to review its privacy statement. If you want to maintain as much privacy as possible for your child, it is recommended to use Google account with limited personal information attached to it and set up a generic username when registering for the app. For more information, see http://www.trustedreviews.com/opinions/pokemon-go-privacy-policy-problems

Pokémon Books
There’s more to Pokémon GO! Expand your child’s new fascination with Pokémon by incorporating books. It’s a great opportunity to get them reading! Feel free to ask our staff about our collection of Pokémon books.

  1. Pokémon Adventures 1 by Hidenori Lusaka (Ages: 9-12)
  2. Pokémon X-Y 1 by Hidenori Lusaka (Ages: 9-12)
  3. Pokémon Deluxe Essential Handbook by Scholastic Inc. (Ages: 9-12)
  4. Pokémon Visual Companion by Simcha Whitehall (Ages: 9-12)

Library Program
Join us at the Library once in a while, for the Pokémon GO Lure Party, as we will set a lure for one hour! During the lure, more Pokémon will appear in the Library—a great chance to catch ‘em all! This is also a good opportunity to meet other players in the community and share your enthusiasm for Pokémon. Like us on Facebook to find out when the next lure party will hosted. https://www.facebook.com/peacerivermunicipallibrary/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel