Special Events

Dareth Youd will be with us for a workshop on working with coloured pencils.
Please register ahead of time as space is limited.
There is a cost recovery fee of  $5 per person due at registration.


Let’s show Alberta that Peace River reads!  Read for 15 minutes on either the 26th or 27th and call, text, email, message, or carrier pigeon a note to let us know! 
You can read a book, magazine, graphic novel, newspaper, blog, website, or cereal box!  Paper, digital, carved in stone—doesn’t matter.  Just READ!
Fifteen minutes is all we ask and we will take you at your word.  If you read more—great, but it will still only count once.  We are counting people, not minutes.
We will add it all up and show other communities that Peace River READS!

You can also messge us on Facebook!