Requesting items for Grab & Go pick up FAQ


There's a new book that I want.  I don't know if you have it. Can I get it through Grab & Go?

There are three ways to request items for Grab & Go pick up.

  • You can use to place a hold.  You will need the barcode on your library card and your PIN for this option.
  • You can send us an email with the title and author of the item you wish to borrow.  Please include your full name, phone number, and if available, your barcode number in the email.  We will place the request for you.
  • You can phone the library.  

Interlibrary loan is available.  If we don't have the item, we can request it from another library.  As items are being quarantined at different stages of their journey, it may take longer than usual.

Any items in our collection and items available through interlibrary loan are available to borrow through Grab & Go.

What if I don't know the author?  Heck, I'm not even sure I have the right title.

Please phone the library anyway.  We can have a conversation to find out what you DO know about the item you would like to request.  We may not find the exact item you were looking for but should be able to find something similar or make suggestions for other items you may enjoy.

I usually browse and see what grabs me.  How am i supposed to figure out what I want?

There are a few ways.

  • You can call the library and ask for us to make you a "grab bag".  If you tell us a genre or author that you enjoy, we can put together a bag of a few items for you to try.  If you don't like any of them, just return them and call us to try again.
  • You can go on and go through some of the lists on the home page or use the browse option under Search.
  • There are many websites (like that have booklists based on content, genre, audience, publication year, and other catagories.

Just because you can't browse the shlevles doesn't mean you can't find something you'll love.