Volunteering Opportunities


You can make an impact by volunteering at the Library!  Whether you're looking for some quiet time shelving books, want to meet new people and make new friends, or you want to make someone's day by helping them learn a new skill, we have a position that suits you.  Fill out a volunteer application form and return it on your next library visit.  We'll be happy to have you join our team and build a schedule that works for you. 

Current volunteer positions available:

  • Volunteer Programs Assistant - Make a child’s day by helping with programs for children, have fun and get sassy helping our teen programs, or help someone learn a new skill during our arts and crafts programs and more!  (1-2 hours per program, weekly or monthly) 
  • Volunteer Language Assistant -  Be the reason someone gets a job by helping newcomers practice their speaking skills while playing games.  (2 hours monthly)
  • Volunteer Shelving Clerk - Detail orientated people like you are a librarian’s  superhero!  Be the reason our folks can find what they’re looking for.  (Times vary, you choose)
  • Volunteer Gallery Assistant - Make an impact by helping bring art to the Peace Region.  This once-a-month commitment puts you at the cutting edge of our local art scene. (2 hours monthly)
  • Volunteer Events Assistant - Make a difference by helping set up and facilitate an event like LIFE Sized Board Games, Breakfast with Santa, and Alberta Culture Days. (Times vary, you choose)
  • Volunteer Cleaner - ACHOO!  Help us keep our shelves dust free and you can impact everyone who visits the library.  That’s over 45 000 visits you can make better! (Times vary, you choose)

Library Board

The Library Board is an essential part of library operations.  They are the leadership that help set the policies and oversee the financial operations of the library.  Board members have the opportunity to serve as a director or as a member of the executive, and have opportunites to join committees if they so choose.  If you are interested in having a say in how your public library is run, this is the place to be!  The Library Board meets every 2nd Thursday of the month from 6-8pm.  Applications are available here.

Friends of the Library

The Friends of the Library is a separate group that meets between 4 and 6 times throughout the year to plan and fundraise projects for the Library.  The money raised helps us purchase equipment, furniture, and other things that make our Library great.  Members are free to choose which projects they wish to participate in.  If you are interested in joining the Friends of the Library, call the Library to find out when the next meeting will be held and check out their brochure.